Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The wedding is postponed.  I'm so frustrated!  I'll let y'all know when we pick a new date!

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Grandma's Wedding Cake Topper

This was my grandma's wedding cake topper in 1953.  We may just incorporate it into our wedding since it's the same era we're going for!  Isn't it beautiful???

I have an amazing friend who is making our cake.  She does an incredible job!

Friday, May 25, 2012

This and that...

I'm so excited for this big old fashioned picnic wedding!  It's coming up so fast! 

I'm totally on the look-out for a couple of things:

~1/2 gallon mason jars to use for drink pitchers in the center of the tables (homemade root beer & lemonade)
~sheets/tablecloths in red, blue or tan country patterns, like plaid or stripes (for those who want to picnic on the grass, they're going in big baskets)
~inexpensive, but nice paper plates that match our theme
~petticoat for Nina
~clothes for the boys

I've already bought a few things:

~fabric for girls' dresses & boys' bow ties
~plastic cups
~vintage stripey straws
~paper lanterns to hang from the pavilion trusses
~Alyssa's petticoat
~red checkered fabric banner (I made it from fabric napkins!)
~pavilion rental
~deposit on my dress

I want to find ways to incorporate:

~vintage suitcases
~big apothecary-type jars
~bird's nests
~white Ikea picture frames (the ones on pedestals)
~chalkboard something

This is what I'm going to use for the tablecloths on the picnic tables... I love that it's paper.  I didn't want to match (or not match) a bunch of cloth tablecloths for the tables since we're already doing that for those that want to sit on the grass (I'm such a grass sitter), but I didn't want to use tacky plastic.  Even with shipping it's a pretty reasonable price.  $44 for 300' sounds good to me!  I need to get it ordered SOON!

Counting down...

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Location...

I have a park reserved for the whole day of the wedding! We're thinking 6pm, but I want to be sure we have time to set up early and still go home and pretty up!  I've taken some notes of where I want what, but I'm still unsure of where to do the actual ceremony.  I don't want to haul in a ton of chairs, but I know not everyone can sit on blankets on the grass even for a SHORT ceremony...

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Dress Inspiration

I'm having my dress custom made by a seamstress I discovered on etsy a while ago.  I've been waiting for a reason to have a vintage-inspired dress made for myself and NOW I have a reason!  There are a few changes I will have to have done in order to make it a bit more modest, such as having the bodice fully lined and the back not so low-cut, but overall it's PERFECT... even the color!  Nina says that red is the newest color for wedding dresses.  I'm kind of disappointed that I'm going to be in style by wearing a red wedding dress.  I prefer to be unique.  Who cares?  I'm going to have the coolest dress ever!

What do you think of this amazing dress???

I can't wait to see my very own!!!

Angie & Eric Are Getting Married!

I've decided that I NEED a place to share pics, ideas and wedding plans without totally plastering The American Homemaker with wedding goodness... so this is our wedding blog!  Welcome!